Philippine Engagement Customs

Engagement season is here again, which means jewelry stores and restaurants will be abuzz with lovers planning to recommend. While many lovers in the West get involved in the same way, Filipinos go about it differently. Bridal traditions in the Philippines will be impacted by Filipino history and customs, which in turn place a quality value on family and friends.

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Filipino engagement events typically include a religious feast day in a Catholic church followed by a traditional reception in a cafe. While the wedding is quite not the same as the traditional wedding ceremony, this still includes several traditions. Typically, a ceremony begins with the soon-to-be husband and bride changing 13 cash, usually numismatic coins, to symbolize their very own everlasting fidelity.

The traditional wedding ceremony begins with a habit known as pamanhikan, that involves asking the bride’s father and mother to give all their filipino guy dating tips blessings. It’s a beautiful tradition that honors the bride’s father and mother and prevents the uncomfortable situation of equally parents viewing each other since strangers when needed of the wedding party.

Filipinos also celebrate their particular engagement with bachelor persons, bridal tub areas, and a formal dinner days prior to wedding. In general, Filipino customs is highly diverse, with local traditions coexisting with Catholic-Christian norms. For instance, in Mindanao, Muslim Filipinos execute a ceremony referred to as kagen & taltag, a form of spiritual cleansing. In a few communities, this kind of ceremony assists to detox the couple of sins before the wedding party.